Don’t Move

Don’t Move is a game for Windows PCs which I released September 13, 2013. Development started shortly after I completed GNOP! Flash, which was early in March 2013. Don’t Move was initially released on IndieDB and GameJolt, and received favorable coverage from Indie Statik, JayIsGames, and You can download this game here.

Don’t Move is written in Haxe and uses the Haxe Flixel library, which is a port of the original Flixel library. I’m using the FlashDevelop IDE to write it. All of this stuff is open source and basically completely awesome.

The graphics are done in a mixture of Pickle and Paint.NET. The music and sounds are all done in FamiTracker, which emulates the sound of the original NES RP2A03 microprocessor.  Some post-production sound editing was done in Audacity.

Don’t Move uses Bebas Neue by Dharma Type for titles, with some hand-drawn pixel modifications. All other text uses Nokia Cellphone FC Small by Zeh Fernando, which is not coincidentally the default font for Flixel.


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    1. Steve

      Hi! Thanks for your interest, and I’m sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I am currently hard at work on the Steam release, which will add a ton of neat Steam features including cloud saves, achievements, trading cards, etc. and enable localization. I’m also trying to improve the game’s performance a bit. As a result of all of the changes, the Steam release is taking a bit. Please follow the game’s Greenlight page, as that will be the first place where the release date is announced.

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